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How to Host your Own Website In Just $2 Per Month

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Planning to start a website? Congratulations! We have scouted around for all the details you need to make this a success. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will have gathered all it takes to come up with a website, even if you feel like a freshman at this.

It’s a fact many of us want to know how to host a website from home so sit back, grab some popcorn, and let me teach you how to host your own website.

Here’s a brief guide on what to expect:

  • Understanding web hosting
  • The different types of web hosting
  • Choosing the right web host
  • Understanding what a domain name is
  • Choosing the right domain name for your website
  • Registering a domain name
  • How much does it cost to host a website?
  • Conclusion

Understanding Web Hosting

Ever heard of the web? Think of it as a vast unending piece of land. Your website will need a home and it’s on this land that you have to find it a home. So web hosting basically refers to a place where all website owners store their websites. Your essential files, from documents to videos to images will all be kept in a web host.

Web hosts are the companies that rent out their servers/computers for use by people like you who need space to store your website. Besides, they offer internet connectivity so as to enable other computers to access what you have on your website.

More often than not, you will run into the term web hosting which could be interpreted to mean either the hosting company or the server hosting your website. So don’t let that throw you into a confusion. You will also come across another term ‘data center’ in your communications with your web hosts. To put it simply, that’s just a facility where the servers are stored.

The Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting services are categorized into plans. So when you start to hunt for a web hosting plan, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the long list of all available options. Not all of them are good for you. So rather than looking up to a marketer to tell you what’s right for you, it’s best if you understand the details under each hosting option. Here’s a short list of the hosting options we are going to cover briefly.​

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud based hosting
  • Managed hosting

So read on to educate yourself about this.

Shared Hosting

Of all the available forms of hosting, Shared hosting is currently the most common. On top of that, it’s the least expensive of all. Under shared hosting, various web hosting clients have to share everything from the same computer. All the hosting accounts are kept in the same drive run by the same CPU. Same web server also delivers all the services.

In short, all the websites under the shared hosting accounts compete for the same resources which, more often than not, are scarce. So having a popular or huge site put under this hosting might not go well with you.


Potential for site crashing
Downtime and performance lags when you share the server with a popular site
Not enough customizable options (but perfect for basic WordPress blog)
Security risks due to sharing of the same IP address. If one of you misbehaves and ends up being blacklisted by search engines or marked by email filters, all of you stand to be affected.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server hosting comes with a lot of great features. First off, with such a plan, you get full control over the whole server, which means you can modify the operating system, adjust the configuration settings, change the language interpreters and so much more. Of course this comes at a higher cost.

If you look to setting up an enterprise management system, then this the plan that lets you have the control and ability to run that. Since the server is all yours, this means that overall performance is going to be excellent. Your website will also be more secure.

The only major downside to this form of hosting is that it’s expensive.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Just as the name puts it, the server is simply a virtual machine. It’s not physical, unlike the two we’ve looked at. What’s good though is that this plan lets you have complete control of things, just as it is with a dedicated server. So if you look to coming up with custom applications or other related businesses, VPS is a great option.

Even though all these virtual machines share server resources, in a VPS environment, they are much few as opposed to a shared hosting environment. Your portion is pretty huge which means that the bandwidth and computing power are pretty much sizeable. Security is also guaranteed. Even though you might share the same IP address, presence of a virtualization layer gives you immunity against issues emanating from other sites.

Cloud Based Hosting

Cloud based hosting is the kind of hosting you need if you expect to hit, on average, tens of thousands of visitors a day and sometimes an unpredictable amount of visitors that goes beyond that. All the other hosting forms we’ve looked at actually have a set limit. All of them come with limitations, from the memory size it can use to storage limits and even the maximum amount of each can handle.

But with cloud hosting, your website will be able to take high traffic or unexpected traffic spikes. The hosting companies attempt to balance resource usage based on the available computer power. Soon as the usage goes up, maybe because one site has recorded a surge in traffic, the systems responds accordingly but limits itself to what the entire system can handle.

What’s good about this form of hosting is that one pays for what they really use. So if you can’t afford expensive web hosting, this is the best option for you.

One downside to this form of hosting is that most of them lack root access. Root access is what you will require if you wish to change server settings or add some software.

So in learning how to host your own website, you need to have all these knowledge about hosting plans at the edge of your mind.

Choosing the Right Web Host

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You are not yet done on making choices. Now that you know what to expect, the next task is to look out for a great web hosting company. A quick search on the search engines will bring a long list, each luring you with sweet offers and promising heaven. Interestingly, each one of them insists on offering unlimited resources, access to a friendly and knowledgeable support staff, 99.9% uptime, name it, but it’s a huge mistake to trust them right away.

So we’ve rolled up a few important things that will assist you to reach a correct decision. Take a look.


Price is a big deal to many of us but should it be the ultimate factor in deciding who to host your website with? Absolutely no. More often than not, the cheaply priced hosting packages don’t pack much. Many of them lack the key features that can assist you to set up your website fast and with ease. So rather than basing your decision on price alone, take it a little further and scrutinize the features each host offers under each package then compare the rates to reach a decision.

DOMITREE is a great platform you can use to make your comparisons

Technical support

Granted, you expect your website to be on top of things but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be 100% fine all the time. Sometimes you will run into technical hitches like email issues or the site going down. At this point, you will need quick technical help to solve the problem. So look around at what the web hosting company’s customers say about their support staff.

Do they speak your language? Do they offer 24/7 technical support? Find answers to all these questions.

Uptime guarantee

Don’t just take their word for it. Look at the reviews from their customers to see if anyone has raised an issue against their uptime guarantee. What about their reputation in regards to uptime? Also, inquire to find out if they have multiple backup locations for their servers as this usually helps in ensuring 99.9% uptime. The last thing you wish to see is your site not being visible to visitors.

Exit terms

You may reach a point and decide, well, now that I know how to host my own website, it’s time to shift gears and see what it feels like to host with these other companies. So before you choose your web host, read their terms of service and understand what their requirements are when one decides to move their domain name to another host.

Back-up services

Backup is so important when you own a website. Anything could happen and you might end up losing all your data. Alternatively, you might decide to delete it only to realize later that you deleted important files and you need them as soon as possible. Some web hosts offer adequate backup services such as automatic backups, it could be daily or hourly. So watch out what the company offers in relation to this.

Ease of access

Not all web hosting companies will let you have access to your website anytime and anywhere. Some even put a limit on what you can access. Well, these are the companies you should avoid. Ensure the web host you choose can let you access the server and make changes whether it’s in your email, server settings, name it.


Some web hosts have spaces where they specialize best and have a huge following. Most common spaces include blogging, small business, growing business, and e-commerce. A quick search on the web should show you what most of the host’s customers are. Having a host who understands the needs of your industry is a great addition to the success of your website.


Here’s where you need to be so attentive. What else does the hosting company offer besides just hosting your website? Look out for email accounts, email forwarding features, regular data backups, free domain policy, name it. If you find that they offer all these things mostly at no charge, then don’t hesitate to register for their services.

So go right ahead and pick a web host that meets all these requirements

15 WAYS TO MAKE $100 Per Day Before Evening

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Having extra cash to play with gives you so much more financial freedom and over time, that can really change your life. So when you realise that there is actually a tonne of ways you can easily up your income and learn how to make 100 dollars a day, or even increase your earnings by a few hundred dollars every single week, things get kind of interesting.

With that extra cash you could do so many more things. You could:

  • Pay of your debt
  • Save for a house
  • Have more free cash to invest in a business venture
  • Build a strong emergency fund, put more into your pension or a savings account
  • Consider leaving a job you hate for something you really want to do
  • Have a little more wiggle room for doing the things you love!
  • The good news is, you don’t have to wait a year for your boss to maaaybe give
  • you a raise on your monthly income. In fact, diversifying your income outside of your ‘regular’ job is a great idea anyway.

Have multiple streams of income gives you more opportunities to earn money and providing a stable foundation of income should one stream suddenly fail (if you were made redundant, for example, having another stream of income could be invaluable).

The below ways to make extra money each month are great whether you’re employed full-time and want to up your income, or if you’re a student or stay-at-home parent looking for some creative ways to make some more money on the side!

15 WAYS TO MAKE $100 Per Day Before Evening

Side Note: No single one of these ideas is likely to work if you want to know how to make 100 dollars a day, (although do tell me if I’m wrong!). Instead, implementing a mix of these ideas and putting in some hard work could get you there – or somewhere close at the very least!

1) Survey Sites

Survey sites are a fantastic way to earn money on the side if you don’t have the time to invest in a proper side hustle such as freelancing or blogging (see below!).

While you won’t make big bucks from Survey Sites, they are a legitimate way to earn cash that I (and many other money bloggers) regularly fall back on to make some cash.

Some sites are great and provide genuine opportunities to earn cash in exchange for completing surveys, watching videos, reviewing products and more. Others, however, take more time and effort to complete than the money you’ll receive in turn and simply are not worth it.

With that in mind, if you’ve got a few hours spare in the evenings (perhaps when you’re sitting in front of the TV) and like the idea of making some cash each week from filling out surveys, I’d recommend the following sites for getting started (all are completely free to join):

  • Swagbucks (get a free $5 bonus for signing up)
  • Pinecone Research (earn up to $5 per survey)
  • Inbox Dollars ($5 free sign-up bonus)
  • Another fab app I highly recommend downloading is the Nielsen Mobile Panel, which lets you earn money and enter to win thousands every single month – purely for having the app on your phone!

2) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps online businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs with the admin side of things for their business. This could include things such as:

  • Responding to emails and keeping their inbox clear
  • Scheduling posts on social media
  • Creating graphics and photos for their blog
  • Proofreading and editing posts
  • Outreach for the company
  • Other admin tasks such as expenses, editorial calendars and more
  • One of my very first freelance jobs was actually to be a virtual assistant, and over 18 months later I still have that client today (they’re great!).

I definitely fell into my role as a virtual assistant, but I really enjoyed it because I always had something new and interesting to do.

Being a virtual assistant is possible for anyone as it doesn’t require a specialist skill like design or writing. It is a great form of steady income every month as there are always tasks to be done, and it keeps my workload interesting as there are always other things to do if I’m not in a writing mood!

I highly recommend checking out Gina Horkey’s website and courses. She built a successful virtual assistant business with no experience in just 6 months, and is one of my work-from-home idols!

If you’re not sure what exactly you could offer as a VA, she also has an amazing list of over 100 things you can do as a virtual assistant – so there is definitely something for everyone with this side hustle.

3) User Testing

User Testing is a website that you can earn money from by testing websites!

You can earn $10 per test, which is typically 20 minutes. If you have the time to spare, this can be a fantastic and super reliable way to earn money every evening when you have some time to kill!a

4) Create a Course

Do you have a skill that you think other people would be interested in learning? There are a lot of highly successful people today because they’ve seen a gap in the market for a course that would really sell – if you have a niche skill without many highly rated courses, you could be on to a huge winner.

Not to mention, creating a course requires a lot of work initially, but then you’ll be on your way to a passive income stream to earn money while you sleep!

A few fantastic platforms to create your course on are:

  • Teachable
  • SkillShare
  • Udemy

5) Teach English Online

VIP Kid is currently amongst one of the top companies to work for remotely. With this site, you can teach English to Chinese children online and earn up to $25 an hour from the comfort of your own home!

I know people that have used VIP Kid themselves to supplement their income and they have raved about it, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you think you have what it takes to teach English!

Visit VIP Kid and register as an online teacher.

6) Shop on Cashback Sites

Finally, let me introduce you to the best-kept secret when it comes to shopping online. eBates is a website that allows you to sign up, shop with your favourite retailers as usual, and it will then give you cash back whenever you make a purchase through the site.

This is a totally legitimate site and a great way to make money without making any major alterations to your current routine

7) Start Your Own Website

What, you didn’t know that bloggers can make money? And more than that, that there are bloggers out there making even more money than they ever could have made in a regular job? Well, there are!

In the past 3 months, I’ve tripled my income from my blog already – and it’s all thanks to this course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

I go into way more detail in my make money as a full-time blogger post, but here’s the gist: Michelle currently makes over $50,000 every single month from affiliate marketing on her blog (and a whopping $100,000+ every single month), and in this course, she’s revealed all her secrets. It is legit. Within 2 days of applying the course materials to my blog, I made my first affiliate sale – and they’ve kept on climbing ever since.

If you’re interested in working remotely as a blogger, you need this course, really.

8) Deliver Food

Become an UberEATS driver, Deliveroo, or PostMates and make money delivering food for people in your spare time. Also a great way to stay fit if you run your deliveries on your bike!

9) Make Money on Your Smartphone

I’m just going to leave this here for you:

15 SUPER easy ways to make money with your smartphone

10) Sell Old Items Online

Selling things online is a great side hustle you can do in your spare time, and you can scale it exactly to how much time you have to spend on it.

A few things you could sell include:

  • Old clothes (in good condition)
  • Items from your house decluttering (again, provided they’re working!)
  • DIY crafts (knitting, crocheting, pottery, jewellery-making)
  • Online products i.e. printables, eBooks, courses
  • Goods on Amazon

Depending on whether you want to make serious money, or an extra bit of cash each month, there are a number of platforms you could choose to sell things online.

11) Become a Driver

A tonne of people drive for Uber or Lyft on the side of their regular jobs to earn extra money extra single day. Why not?!

If you have a car and don’t mind spending a few hours behind the wheel, this could be a perfect little side job for you – and an interesting way to meet some new people!

12) Become an Airbnb Host

Last year I interviewed Lily, who earns over $50,000 every year from her Airbnb side hustle. She just rents out a spare room in her and her husband’s house and boom, steady income with not too much work required.

If you have a spare room, being an Airbnb host could be the perfect way for you to make money each month. If you live in a great area, you could even make 100 dollars a day just from this!

Sign up to be an Airbnb host and get credit off your first stay with my link.

13) Start Your Own Amazon Store

You could also consider starting your own Amazon FBA store, which involves having your own online store but all orders are fulfilled directly by Amazon. There are huge benefits to selling things online this way, and you can scale your profit over time if you decide you want more than a side hustle.

Take a look at my post on making money from Amazon FBA here.

If you want more information, I’d highly recommend checking out The Selling Family for a huge range of courses packed full of valuable information.

14) Become a Freelance Writer

I now run my freelance writing business full-time, but previously this was my very own side hustle.

Freelance writing is a perfect way to make extra money every day, especially if you have a knack for words!

15) Be a Secret Shopper

Mystery shoppers are paid to enter a store or restaurant and review the service they receive, the cleanliness of the environment, and a range of other aspects as an anonymous shopper.

If you have spare time in the day and like the idea of going undercover in the shops and restaurants, this could be a good option to make money without a job!

You may

6 Key Differences — Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting (2018 Guide)

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When smartphones took over in the early 2000s, data usage and cellphone bills went through the roof for many families — mine included. My family’s shared data plan wasn’t perfect — some months, someone would rack up data usage and leave the rest of us strapped — but it allowed each person to pay a lot less per month than if we each had an unlimited data plan.

In many ways, shared hosting is similar to a family data plan: Responsibility is shared among users, and you’ll be in trouble if you exceed your allotted portion of resources. VPS hosting, however, is more like an individual data plan. While you’ll pay more money to customize it to your needs, you’ll get more resources and control over changing your data setup as you see fit.

Selecting the right hosting service depends on several factors, including resource needs, performance demands, security requirements, cost constraints, server administration preferences, and scalability expectations. Read on for our comparisons and recommended hosts.

The Difference Between Shared and VPS Hosting in a Nutshell

Simply put, shared hosting means your site will share the same server as many other sites. It’s usually the cheapest option but comes with limited bandwidth, administration, and performance capabilities. VPS hosting is a more premium option, with the ability for greater customization and increased performance. But, as with any premium service, you’ll have to pay more to get more.

Next, we’ll cover the key points to consider when choosing between shared and VPS hosting.

1. Server Resources

As the names imply, shared hosting customers share server resources, whereas dedicated hosting users get a server dedicated to their sites’ needs. A VPS lies in the gray area in the middle — a bunch of slices of the same server acting as their own dedicated hardware entities. That being said, there are pros and cons to both sides of the shared/VPS resource allocation spectrum.

Shared Hosting

When you share server resources with others, you’ll face some limitations. While no single account will impact another’s experience, per say, there will be maximum available CPUs, memory/RAM, and disk space. Your website will not be able to use resources beyond the maximum allowed. This may not be a big deal if your website doesn’t require a ton of space or processing power.

VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting, you’ll enjoy greater private disk space and higher overall resource availability. This will be necessary if you want to expand your business and need to offer customers a user experience that goes beyond the basic shared hosting level.

2. Performance

As you might guess, more resources means more performance. Shared hosting is only as performant as the technologies your host has implemented for speed (e.g., SSDs, caching software, a CDN, etc.). Typically, you have more control over the performance factor with a VPS, but let’s go a little more in-depth.

Shared Hosting

As with any shared plan, other websites could possibly affect your website’s performance – it’s the risk you run by opting for the more economical shared hosting plan. However, if your performance demands are limited and you value ease of maintenance, shared hosting will likely yield a higher return on investment.

VPS Hosting

It’s no surprise that VPS hosting offers better overall performance based on the bandwidth it offers users. You’ll have more flexibility to configure your applications on the server, but you’ll need to make sure you have a dedicated system administrator to keep the server running smoothly. If you have high traffic demands or multiple sites to manage, VPS will be the better option.

3. Security

While sharing server resources presents huge benefits from a cost point of view, it can wreak havoc on the security end of things. It really depends on how much the hosting provider has invested (both operational/team and purely financial resources) in ensuring dedicated protection for its shared hosting customers.

Shared Hosting

While shared hosting is considered very safe, be aware that security breaches can occur simply because a common server cannot guarantee 100% security. The main reason for this is what we call the Noisy Neighbor problem — or the fact that when one shared hosting customer makes a mistake or experiences a technical difficulty, it’ll likely impact other sites because you are all sharing space on the same machine.

Customer support will likely also be limited compared with VPS hosting. However, if your site won’t require sensitive personal information from users, you shouldn’t have an issue with shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

You can ensure your site’s security with more robust safety features that are only available through VPS hosting. If your budget allows, you can implement better customer support services that will assist patrons when they need it. If your business needs to protect personal data, it’s worth considering the upgrade to a VPS.

4. Pricing

Pricing for web hosting is a funny thing. You can easily find yourself paying an arm and a leg (upward of $29 per month) on shared hosting and absolutely hate the piss-poor service, or you could spin up a VPS instance for as little as five bucks and never look back. Those are extreme scenarios, of course, but hopefully, you catch my drift.

Get Vps Hosting From domitree one of the secure and best web hosting website

This Photographer Turn 12 Mind Bending Dreams Into Reality

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Martin De Pasquale has our outmost respect with his latest mind-bending and imaginative photo series. Martin isn’t your typical photographer, he manipulates his images and adds elements via photoshop. These images are wildly creative and might freak you out a bit.

How To Make $500 To $1000 Per Month With Smartphone APPS

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I have friends regularly ask me “How can I make $100 a month from home?” Well, it’s easy to make an extra $100 per month with your smartphone, and I do it all the time. Heck, some people even make thousands of dollars with these apps.

Notice I said *some people* make big bucks with these apps. You might not be one of them, so that’s why the title of this post says you can potentially make $100 to $500 a month with smartphone apps. I hate those spammy posts that promise you $10,000 a month for a couple hours of your time, and I refuse to go that route with you guys.

Let’s say it together so we’re all on the same page: “I can probably earn $100 to $500 a month using these smartphone apps.”

You might make a little more, or you might make a little less. It depends on how much time you invest, as well as the area you live in. It’s unfair, but some areas have more opportunities than others. You’ll understand as you continue reading this post about smartphone apps that pay you money.

All of the apps below are free to join. I’m an affiliate for some of them, but it costs you zero dollars and zero cents to install or use any of these apps. However, keep in mind that some apps take a percentage of your earnings if you use them to sell goods or services. We’ll discuss that more later.

Let’s start with grocery apps. You may recognize many of these from another post on my blog, FAQs about Grocery Rebate Apps for Smartphones.


Ibotta is my favorite rebate app, and I’ve earned more than $450 with it so far. I use it regularly because it has a user-friendly layout, quick approval time for receipt submissions, and immediate payments. My receipts are always approved within 48 hours, and I’ve noticed that Walmart receipts fly through lately. Some of them clear in 20 to 30 minutes.

I always cash out via PayPal (click here if you don’t have an account yet – it’s free to join), but you can request payment via a gift card if you prefer. As of today, gift cards are available from Target, Walmart,, Uber, iTunes, and a bunch of other well-known stores and restaurants.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s totally 100% free to join and use Ibotta. You also get $10 just for signing up if you click here and redeem a qualifying rebate within one week. There are often rebates for cash back on any purchase, like $0.25 for redeeming any receipt from a participating retailer. I’ve been redeeming that rebate weekly for the last month or two.

Not into saving money at the grocery store? You can earn money by referring your friends and family members to Ibotta. You get $5 for every eligible referral when your loved ones join using your affiliate link.


MobiSave is my second favorite rebate app. You get paid as soon as your receipts are approved, which is generally within a couple hours or less. Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to click Redeem or select a gift card. MobiSave sends the money directly to your account, whether you earned $0.10 or $10.00 during your trip.

Sometimes you can combine MobiSave rebates with Ibotta rebates. Review the guidelines and special instructions for each rebate first to make sure you don’t break any rules. You can also use coupons and discount apps like Target Cartwheel with MobiSave.

Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the first money-making apps I ever downloaded. I remember stumbling around Target and Walmart all sleep-deprived and exhausted when my 6 year old was just a few months old. You can also find audits and scavenger hunts at stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, Walgreens, and Starbucks.

Field Agent is a reputable app that pays money for completing easy tasks. Most tasks pay between $6 and $7, but I’ve seen some that paid more. Tasks are simple, and sometimes they’re even fun. My ex used to get a kick out of doing his Field Agent tasks.

I generally work on easy tasks that require you to visit a retailer and take a few photos. It works out great when I find several tasks in the same area – or even at the same store. You can earn $20 or $30 at a time when that happens.

Surveys On The Go

Lots of survey apps and websites are scams, but Surveys On The Go is legit. You won’t rake in a bunch of cash taking these surveys, but you’ll probably earn $5 or $10 a month. Combine this app with other apps that pay money if you want to earn an extra $100+ a month.

You get $1 just for joining and filling in some basic info about yourself and your home (age, location, whether you rent or own, etc.). It only took me a few minutes to complete these tasks.

Cash4Books is another app I’ve been using for years. You get money for selling books, plus you earn 5% of the sales for any qualifying member who joins using your affiliate link.

College textbooks tend to do well on here, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to educational literature. I like to scan books I see at yard sales for an instant price quote so I can decide whether to buy and resell them. I saw a guy doing the same thing at my local thrift store recently.

Selling books, performing in-store audits, and redeeming grocery rebates are just a few of the ways you can make money with your phone. I’m going to publish a second article in the near future that explains other money-making apps you can download. Until then, make sure you research every app you download, and talk to people you trust about the pros and cons of using money-making apps. There are tons of scams out there, and I don’t want any of my readers to lose money.

Do you make money from your smartphone? If so, feel free to share the details with us!

How This Jobless Guy Made $22,000 In One Day On Ebay

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These days it’s not easy to make money online. But I will talk about one of the easiest way to make money online is to start selling on eBay. eBay makes getting your new business started a snap. You can literally have your first moneymaking auction listed in the space of an hour. Absolutely ANYONE can start listing items for sale on eBay today. No initial starting costs, very low running costs and massive automatic visitors. Do you know that more than 2 Million people visit eBay every day ? eBay is — by far — the busiest and most visited e-commerce site on the entire Internet, and more than 33% of ALL Internet users in the U.S. visit eBay! People spend an average of 2 hours shopping on eBay every time they visit! And they’ve got cash to spend, since 72% of eBay users make more than $50,000 per year! eBay processes over $1,000 in sales every second! In other words, people spend a TON of money on eBay. That $1,000 per second adds up to $86,000,000 a day — every single day of the year!

Watch My FREE Guide How TO Make Money On Ebay Without Owning A Product From Scratch

So, having these numbers in mind everyone should have success selling on eBay. But do you know that many eBay sellers struggle to make a profit. I mean a REL profit. eBay fees and paypal fees are higher than ever and the competition offering the same products as you do for a fraction of the price is massive. So how do you survive in the jungle called eBay ?

Let me introduce you to a regular guy (from Fremont, Nebraska, population 25,188) who is currently making $153,846.17 each and every week… by selling “everyday” stuff on eBay. Just to save you the math, that adds up to a little over $8,000,000 a year. Or just under $22,000 a day. Can you imagine that …? $22,000 A DAY (!) ?? In other words, it’s a truckload of money — no matter how you look at it! In fact, since he first got started on eBay back in 1999, Brandon has sold more than $20,000,000 worth of goods on eBay. Yep, you read that right… more than TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS.Unlike so many of the so-called eBay “success stories” — Brandon’s income does NOT come from selling super high-priced items on eBay — like cars or satellites! (It’s EASY to say you’re making a MILLION DOLLARS if you’re selling *cars* on eBay!

Brandon has put his knowledge into one amazing course so everyone can duplicate his entire system to start their own highly profitable eBay businesses!

This story is so amazing:

* Which products are “hot sellers,” and guarantee the BIGGEST profits!

* Where to find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits!

* How to attract TONS of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list!

* How to CREATE stunning ads that grab the eyeballs of eager bidders!

* How to easily rake in even MORE cash by establishing a glowing feedback rating!

* Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to ANY auction listings!

.. and much, MUCH more!

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Ways To Make Money Online Earn $1000 Per Day

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It pays cold, hard cash to cast your financial net online, where a wealth of high-income web-based opportunities await.

Low on funds? Need money now? Hey, we’ve all been cash-strapped. Lucky for you the Internet is the world’s best paying job. A web-enabled computer, online access and a little Internet know-how is all you need to earn digital cash.

No money, no experience, no problem! You don’t need to spend a dime to learn how to make money online. There are a treasure trove of online jobs that require no startup capital or e-learning. Psst, some of these online jobs payout big bucks.

How does it work? Monetize your expertise—whether in currency trading or online surveys—is one way to make money wired to the Web. But others are also popping up, such as blogging for cash or networking.

Yes, most computer-based gigs yield a small mount of money online. But it can add up to a living wage or make you the next Internet millionaire. And with some online businesses, you can start to make money in cyberspace immediately.

Pay attention to these rules, and you’ll find the virtual world awash with e-cash.

Make money with FOREX trading
FOREX (foreign currency exchange) trading is a great way to make money at home. It means using the currency of one country to buy the currency of another at a profit.

FOREX trading is a bit risky, and because of that, can be very lucrative. There’s no cap on trading, and in general, the FOREX trading game is fairly wide open and free of picky regulations. Your money is completely liquid in FOREX trading.

Furthermore, a FOREX trader can take advantage of the 24-hour market. When you’re on a roll and trading conditions are just right, you want to stay plugged in and keep pulling in the cash.

The biggest reason FOREX trading is a bottomless barrel of cash is that it has nothing to do with commodities, the fate of companies, etc.—there will always be money, and its value will always be rising and falling. So learn how to make money trading money.

Get paid doing online surveys

If you’re developing various income streams, be sure to add online surveys to your online portfolio. Online surveys provide a great addition to your passive income streams or other forms of online income.

Companies out there want information about you and your preferences. Consumer information is valuable currency for them, and they’ll respond with greenbacks for your time.

Making money online via surveys is easy. Just go to sites like or, create an online account, then get started. Sometimes the sites will have limits as to how many surveys you can fill out per day, but they are often quite high.

That means that you can truly earn your stacks of cash by being more ambitious than other respondents and filling out more surveys. Yet if you are extra busy one day or one week, you can set your own schedule like the boss you are, and simply fill out less surveys. The cash will still be there.

Earn money blogging for cash

What does it mean to make money online blogging for cash?

Well, it means being your own boss, and hopefully, doing something you love while making some cash. Blogging is more lucrative than a lot of people think. That’s because, in Cyberspace, there are so many opportunities to get paid if you can provide what people want.

You can earn money through Google or other pay-per-click programs. You can make easy money featuring products in your articles and reviews. You can earn a steady stream of cash mentioning the products and services of affiliates you partner with. Also, you can earn high wages by selling ads, which you can do once your weblog gets rolling.

If you want to take the blogosphere by storm, choose a subject you love. Also, do some research to find topics that aren’t saturated. Try to offer information no one else does—really fill a niche. Be patient, and over time, you’ll make money online via blogging.

Make a profit with social networking

Making money with social networking is a business model that has been going strong for years, with no signs of slowing down.

With Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube, you can make a steady revenue stream through creative ways.

One is by putting out useful information—you may have a blog that your posts on these social media link to. How-to information, sports analysis, or thorough facts and figures work the best. Once you have thousands of people visiting your page on these social networks, you can sell ads and/or get into affiliate programs.

Instagram can be great for artists, photographers, and attractive people who aren’t shy. It’s a really good platform for promoting products, and through it, people can sometimes earn their sole income—and it’s a good one.

It’s all about putting out something that will get an audience, then aggressively pushing your popularity to turn it into wads of cash.

The bottom line

The World Wide Web is a global system of interconnected computer networks, where anyone can log in to the Internet and strike it rich.

But to truly be successful, you cannot be that Internet entrepreneur that keeps asking “how can I make money online from home?” or “how to make money online fast?”. At some point you just have to stop asking questions and do it.

Set goals to keep yourself motivated. Is it your desire to make $1000 weekly or daily? Any amount of online income is possible if you just believe.

Now, get your computer hooked up to the Internet and go online! You’ll do great!

5 Fastest Ways To Make Money With Photoshop

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In this article i am gonna show you 5 fastest ways to make money with photoshop

learning photoshop, however, is not easy. The software is expensive and the learning curve is a quite steep. You really need to dedicate yourself to learning the ins and outs of the software. More than technical proficiency, you need to be creative if you want to excel with Photoshop.

Nonetheless, learning to harness the power of Photoshop can be very rewarding. Mastering the visual graphics realm of Photoshop can provide you with livable income. Strong editing and creative skills in Photoshop can open career possibilities for you, whether you want to do it on a full time basis or as a part-time business.

5 Fastest Ways To Make Money With Photoshop

1 Start a photo editing service. One possible business you can start is to offer digital picture editing and image optimization services. You basically take the client’s less than perfect digital photo For $5 On and turn it into a masterpiece. As a “photo doctor,” you can remove unwanted people and objects from a photograph, insert someone or something into a photograph, repair over- or under-exposed photos, convert colored photos to black and white (and vice versa), or do something as basic as removing red eye from photos. You can also do color correction, background change, contrast adjustment, and size enlargement. The key is to offer high quality work at reasonable prices.

2 Write Photoshop tutorials. You can write and sell your tutorial to article sites or article directories, anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on the length and quality of your tutorial. Be prepared to write at least a 1,000 words tutorial with detailed and step-by-step screenshots. Examples of tutorial topics could include photo effects/manipulation, contemporary web layout design, special effects or filter effects. You can use sites such as, or find freelance job postings from sites needing content on Photoshop.

3 Create a tutorial site and earn through advertising. You can also create your own blog or website where you publish the tutorials you write and monetize the site through advertising. You can use contextual advertising links such as Google Adsense, use a banner-advertising network such as BurstMedia, or a combination of various advertising models and networks.

4 Create video tutorials. You can also earn by creating video versions of your Photoshop tutorials. You can monetize it via advertising, or by joining advertising programs such as the YouTube Partner Program . You can read the article “8 Ways to Earn Money from Online Videos” for more ideas on how you can turn your videos into moneymakers.

5 Make money by creating stock photos. You can combine your photography and Photoshop skills to create stock photography. The photos can be used as film or video production content or source material preparation. There also are a number of stock photography sites that accept contributions from freelancers, and you can earn anywhere from 20% to 65% of the sale price of your stock photos, depending on the exclusivity of your offering. Read more from the post How to Earn from Stock Photography

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