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How To Make $500 To $1000 Per Month With Smartphone APPS

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I have friends regularly ask me “How can I make $100 a month from home?” Well, it’s easy to make an extra $100 per month with your smartphone, and I do it all the time. Heck, some people even make thousands of dollars with these apps.

Notice I said *some people* make big bucks with these apps. You might not be one of them, so that’s why the title of this post says you can potentially make $100 to $500 a month with smartphone apps. I hate those spammy posts that promise you $10,000 a month for a couple hours of your time, and I refuse to go that route with you guys.

Let’s say it together so we’re all on the same page: “I can probably earn $100 to $500 a month using these smartphone apps.”

You might make a little more, or you might make a little less. It depends on how much time you invest, as well as the area you live in. It’s unfair, but some areas have more opportunities than others. You’ll understand as you continue reading this post about smartphone apps that pay you money.

All of the apps below are free to join. I’m an affiliate for some of them, but it costs you zero dollars and zero cents to install or use any of these apps. However, keep in mind that some apps take a percentage of your earnings if you use them to sell goods or services. We’ll discuss that more later.

Let’s start with grocery apps. You may recognize many of these from another post on my blog, FAQs about Grocery Rebate Apps for Smartphones.


Ibotta is my favorite rebate app, and I’ve earned more than $450 with it so far. I use it regularly because it has a user-friendly layout, quick approval time for receipt submissions, and immediate payments. My receipts are always approved within 48 hours, and I’ve noticed that Walmart receipts fly through lately. Some of them clear in 20 to 30 minutes.

I always cash out via PayPal (click here if you don’t have an account yet – it’s free to join), but you can request payment via a gift card if you prefer. As of today, gift cards are available from Target, Walmart, Amazon.com, Uber, iTunes, and a bunch of other well-known stores and restaurants.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s totally 100% free to join and use Ibotta. You also get $10 just for signing up if you click here and redeem a qualifying rebate within one week. There are often rebates for cash back on any purchase, like $0.25 for redeeming any receipt from a participating retailer. I’ve been redeeming that rebate weekly for the last month or two.

Not into saving money at the grocery store? You can earn money by referring your friends and family members to Ibotta. You get $5 for every eligible referral when your loved ones join using your affiliate link.


MobiSave is my second favorite rebate app. You get paid as soon as your receipts are approved, which is generally within a couple hours or less. Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to click Redeem or select a gift card. MobiSave sends the money directly to your account, whether you earned $0.10 or $10.00 during your trip.

Sometimes you can combine MobiSave rebates with Ibotta rebates. Review the guidelines and special instructions for each rebate first to make sure you don’t break any rules. You can also use coupons and discount apps like Target Cartwheel with MobiSave.

Field Agent

Field Agent is one of the first money-making apps I ever downloaded. I remember stumbling around Target and Walmart all sleep-deprived and exhausted when my 6 year old was just a few months old. You can also find audits and scavenger hunts at stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, Walgreens, and Starbucks.

Field Agent is a reputable app that pays money for completing easy tasks. Most tasks pay between $6 and $7, but I’ve seen some that paid more. Tasks are simple, and sometimes they’re even fun. My ex used to get a kick out of doing his Field Agent tasks.

I generally work on easy tasks that require you to visit a retailer and take a few photos. It works out great when I find several tasks in the same area – or even at the same store. You can earn $20 or $30 at a time when that happens.

Surveys On The Go

Lots of survey apps and websites are scams, but Surveys On The Go is legit. You won’t rake in a bunch of cash taking these surveys, but you’ll probably earn $5 or $10 a month. Combine this app with other apps that pay money if you want to earn an extra $100+ a month.

You get $1 just for joining and filling in some basic info about yourself and your home (age, location, whether you rent or own, etc.). It only took me a few minutes to complete these tasks.


Cash4Books is another app I’ve been using for years. You get money for selling books, plus you earn 5% of the sales for any qualifying member who joins using your affiliate link.

College textbooks tend to do well on here, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to educational literature. I like to scan books I see at yard sales for an instant price quote so I can decide whether to buy and resell them. I saw a guy doing the same thing at my local thrift store recently.

Selling books, performing in-store audits, and redeeming grocery rebates are just a few of the ways you can make money with your phone. I’m going to publish a second article in the near future that explains other money-making apps you can download. Until then, make sure you research every app you download, and talk to people you trust about the pros and cons of using money-making apps. There are tons of scams out there, and I don’t want any of my readers to lose money.

Do you make money from your smartphone? If so, feel free to share the details with us!