How to make an income of usd 1000 per day 2020

Being able to earn $1,000 each and every day would be an incredible feat. While arguably it will require you to possess an extremely strong work ethic, being able to earn $1,000 per day is still highly achievable. However, you need to remember that it just won’t happen overnight.

In some cases, you might already possess a high-demand skill and thus, be able to command an hourly rate that allows you to meet your daily goal of $1,000. In other cases, you might need to go out and learn a particular niche like the back of your hand before you can start selling it. Some opportunities will not require you to learn a new skill at all, as your destiny will instead be judged by the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put in to it.

Either way, we’ve listed 5 proven strategies that will allow you to meet your long-term goal of earning $1,000 per day – 5 days per week.

1. Get a high paying job

OK, I know we’re stating the obvious here, but in reality, a high paying job is going to be a sure-fire way of making $1,000 per day. In terms of the maths, you would need to make a post-tax income of at least $260,000 per year, based on a standard working week. As such, even a doctor’s salary wouldn’t be enough to meet your target.

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On the other hand, roles surrounding emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation will most definitely allow you to make $1,000 per day. Ultimately, it might be time to re-skill!

Pros and cons of getting a high paying job


Fixed income
Job security
Income is only likely to rise over time as you get more experienced
High demanded skills – no issues finding work


Need to possess a really in-demand, low-supply skill
You’ll be on the payroll, so little opportunities to reduce your income tax

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2. Create a YouTube channel

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If you want to make big bucks, going to paid survey websites or reviewing products just won’t cut it. You need to aim bigger, and one of the most lucrative channels for earning an income working from home is YouTube. Did you know that the likes of Logan Paul, PewDiPie and Jacksepticeye – three hugely popular YouTube channels, made as much as $16 million in 2018 alone? Sure, building up a huge YouTube following is not only difficult, but it can take a significant amount of time before you start seeing any results. However, those that do make a success of it are making considerably more than $1,000 per day.

Pros and cons of creating a YouTube channel


No need to invest any money
Focus on something you enjoy
Earnings are never capped – some channels make millions of dollars every year
Increase your earnings even further by advertising products within your videos


You will be required to commit a huge amount of time to it

3. Become a salesperson

Did you know that talented salespeople earn a huge amount of money? I mean, sure, not everyone has the ‘Gift of the Gab’, but those that do are able to command hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year. As the vast bulk of this is made up in commission payments, you won’t be able to rely solely on a fixed monthly income.

Instead, you’re only as good as your last order! If you don’t fancy sitting in the office, why not consider working as a remote salesperson instead?

Pros and cons of becoming a remote salesperson


Successful salespeople earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year
Sell a product or service that you are passionate about
No need to travel to visit clients – everything is done via home-based VoIP software


Online sales roles sometimes pay on a commission-only basis

4 Get involved in real estate

Real estate investing is a highly lucrative business. Sure, it’s true that you would need a multi-million dollar portfolio to be able to facilitate $1,000 per day in earnings. However, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat. For example, why don’t you consider flipping properties? A good starting point is look for homeowners that are looking for instant cash on the sale of their property.

You’ll be able to net yourself a discount of around 20% if you’re shrewd, subsequently allowing you to flip the house with an excellent margin. If this is beyond the realms of possibility, then you might want to build your bankroll up via peer-to-peer real estate platforms instead.

Pros and cons of investing in real estate


Huge margins on offer
Real estate is ultra-low-risk
Chance to earn monthly dividends in the form on rental income
You can flip properties for short-term profits
Peer-to-peer platforms allow you to get started with smaller bankrolls


You’ll either need to have a multi-million dollar portfolio to make $1k daily, or be good at flipping homes

5. Write an incredibly good book

If you’re able to write a really good book that sells well, you could easily make $1,000 in daily revenues. For example, if you sold your book for $10 per copy, you’d only need to sell 100 copies per day. Some of the best selling books out there sell a lot more than this, so there’s always the chance that your book makes the cut.

Pros and cons of writing a book


No investment needed other than your time
Write about something you have knowledge in, or create a fiction novel
Sell your book both online and in-store
Publish it yourself if necessary


Highly competitive marketplace

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