How To turn 0.1 Bitcoin Into 20 Bitcoins In 2 Months

That being said I realized I had a massive problem with Greed, especially when it came to gambling like behaviour with margin trading. Turn 0.1 Bitcoin Into 20 Bitcoins

For those unfamiliar with margin trading its simply making bets on price movements using leverage, exchanges like Bitmex allow for 100x leveraged trades which can accelerate both profit and losses. Now I don’t recommend anyone to margin trade if you really care about losing money because you will lose money VERY EASILY. Turn 0.1 Bitcoin Into 20 Bitcoins

Back to the main topic; I realized I had a problem with greed when I couldn’t be satisfied with any returns I was getting, instead opting to pursue even higher returns and subsequently getting wiped out constantly. The cycle went something like this:
I would make a massively leveraged bet (often up to 25x)
I would make high returns (often of 20–100%)
I arrogantly think I can make more money
I make the wrong bet
I lose everything I just made
Repeat steps 1–5

Seeing as I have a massive problem I decided to conduct a little experiment to both cure my trading greed and really see the power of what leveraged returns can do if one is patient enough to trade with good investing principles.
Therefore I devised a scenario which I will officially start on SEPTEMBER 13 2018 marking that as experiment day 1 and the day of publishing on this article as day 0 to set a preface on my experiment. My tittle was Turn 0.1 Bitcoin Into 20 Bitcoins

As the title suggests I will be attempting to turn a measly 0.10 Bitcoin into 20 Bitcoins in 30 days based on a simple mathematical growth model of 20% returns everyday with 100% being reinvested every day.

Now in any financial market 20% return is insane even on a per annum standard, but this is cryptocurrency we’re talking about we live on insanity. I believe this is achievable based on a combination of solid strategy and leverage.

These are the following conditions of the experiment:

I will be daytrading ONLY Bitcoin or Ethereum on Bitmex, that means no alts other than the two coins mentioned and ensures all profits will be in Bitcoin. 20% returns daily is ONLY possible with high leverage (>10x) therefore all trades I make will at LEAST be 10x. This isn’t a problem since I will be only day trading and closing every days position while continously monitoring price action throughout the day. A fair warning if you are an inexperienced trader that anything greater than 5x leverage is closer to gambling than investing.

If I happened to get wiped out I will save the data already collected and restart, that will be a seperate post entirely but with tight stops the chances of me getting completely liquidated is low.
I will move stop losses to close a position immediatly if ROE hits close to 20% and let it run afterwards in case of rallies, In this experiment any rallies I ride will be by pure chance since I’m trading purely on minute by minute flucuations and not solid analysis. All the exact order executions will be updated in an excel sheet that details everydays progression. After I move the stop to close the position I will not look at anything trading related for the rest of the day. Turn 0.1 Bitcoin Into 20 Bitcoins

Any losses incurred will be added up and I will do mathematics to see how much regain is required to make back losses, they will be posted in the weekly updates.
I will not stop active trading until the 20% ROE is reached every 24 hours with 12am as the mark line for the new day. If there happens to be a day I just can’t make the 20% mark It will be written up in the report after the experiment is concluded.
I will be allowed to divide up returns throughout the day, this means I don’t have to have one big trade of 20% every day which makes it easier on my soul.

I am allowed to either SHORT or LONG.

I will post an update to the experiment guaranteed every week (7 days), so in total AT LEAST 4 update posts on progress with filler updates in between if I feel like it.

I will be giving away 2 BTC if the experiment is succesful to X people at the end, if you want to enter the giveaway follow me on medium and write a comment on THIS POST.

I will publish my trading strategy if this works well (enough) and make a fully transparent video explaining it.

I will post the excel chart documenting the progression after 30 days is over regardless of experiment success or failure.

Anything else I might update or add in will be added to this article sometime in the future, this is all I can think of for now.
Some quick milestones I should reach if everything goes to plan (probably won’t be accurately hit but still used for reference)
Day 1 start: 0.10 BTC
Day 14: 1 BTC
Day 23: ROE of 20% should = >1 BTC
Day 30 finish: Should have 20 BTC
I am well aware that the possibility of this experiment going to plan is VERY difficult and probably unlikely but I wanted to at least use my source of pain as a source of entertainment for readers.

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