The Future of Sustainability in Eco-High Tech

What is sustainability?

While a complex topic in our ever-changing global landscape, its definition is simple. According to the UN World Commission on Environment and Development, “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainable practices seek to support the health and longevity of our ecology, understanding that our resources are finite and must be preserved for those to come. Sustainability is about serving our future leaders, our kids, our grandkids, our great great grandkids, even. Sustainability is, in a nutshell, making the world a better place.

Now when we talk about sustainability in the context of the modern world, it is no surprise that technology will come into play. Technology is constantly informing and reinventing the ways in which we all live, how we engage in business and how we engage with each other. In the modernization of technology, there comes an obvious detriment to our environment, though with the right vision in mind, we may access eco preservation and eco support in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

In the age of the blockchain, emerging as ‘the new internet’, the platform is becoming incredibly relevant to causes of sustainability. With the emergence of Bitcoin, an encrypted digital currency, our economy has been ever changed. Cyptocurrency now allows users to complete secure, quick transactions, digitizing the way we spend and valuating the way we utilize the digital space. Although Bitcoin has received shining media attention, the real game changer is the blockchain system it has brought into the world, driving human potential at its finest. Bringing privacy and accountability each step of the way, the blockchain is creating a currency of trust that is permeating across industries. And while we may be moving away from green money in our businesses, there is an even greater source for green practices on the horizon.

The technology vertical plays a crucial role in not only supporting a sustainable internal ecosystem, but also the physical ecosystem around us. Innovators in IT are making strides to promote green practices and to ensure that our precious resources will be available for generations to come. On the blockchain, each block of information in the complex stream of transactions is time stamped and visible to authenticated users. This allows members to track practices from seed to sale, ensuring that all products have been responsibly sourced. The blockchain may also provide greater accountability to the issue of waste in the supply chain.

Veros is a zero fee fundraising platform for individuals, NGO’s and projects around the globe. With the aim to better our planet, Veros redistributes over 50% of all revenues directly back into causes fundraising to better our world.

For blockchain platform, VEROS, the entire mission is to empower people around the world to engage in sustainable practices. The environmental fundraising and investment platform takes place in two formats, the Veros dApp & dWeb. Across its five different platforms (Veros Digital Hearts, Veros Atlas, Veros Wallet, Veros Oracle, and Veros Marketplace) Veros supports fundraising for charitable organizations, commercial and eco-high-tech projects. The tech arena inspires personal initiative and allows you to create your own fundraising account, while making use of digital and fiat assets on the exchange. Its decentralized management system offers artificial intelligence, as well, to collect and analyze information from our own ecosystem. What’s more? Veros provides a trading platform that connects you with goods and services in the eco-tech realm that do not pollute the planet.

According to Veros, “Our vertical is a hard work on improving the human world, support and keeping of natural beauty and values of our planet. We expect a massive public attention to environmental problems.”

The community-serving platform is managed by a community council of creators, major coin owners, and advisory council members. Community members drive the process of each project, contributing important questions about the development and mission of the project. The platform came into being after learning from and listening to its own communities. After communicating with the Veros token community and understanding their experience with fraud and abandonment in the crypto space, the Veros Team set out to develop a product that would bring support to these token holders and bring a real benefit to the world at large. Like the ancient Greek titan, Atlas, who is believed to hold the earth for eternity, VEROS seeks to uphold a sustainable eco-system through the strength of technology.

The pursuit of the VEROS platform is not a myth. Combining innovation with sustainability, VEROS is creating a space for a new community of eco-high-tech innovators to emerge, creating solutions for a better earth and a better life as a community.

“Please, respect, protect and appreciate all the beauty and richness of the nature around of you. Help people who find themselves in difficult situations.

Change yourself and the world will start to change around you.

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